If Integrity is our foundation, then quality is our cornerstone.


Built on Integrity.
Focused on Quality.

Backed By Experience

Many of our customers tell us—often quite early on in a project—that "we are different than other construction companies" they have worked with or been exposed to. When we hear that, we know we're doing something right, and that gives us even added fire and determination to ensure unsurpassed quality in all that we do. We don't spread ourselves out too thin by taking on too much work at once; and when we commit to a project, we make sure we "knock it out of the park," as the saying goes.


Qualifications Include: LEED Accredited Professionals & OSHA 30hr Training

Prior to AJ Bright, our Supervisors and Managers acquired "boots-on-the-ground" industry experience working with a wide range of high-profile clients in a variety of segments. The following represent some of the more recognizable and successful clients our Management Team has had experience with in the past:

"AJ Bright combines extensive experience and a complete desire to keep the customer's best interests at the forefront of all decisions. This results in their ability to provide top-notch construction and design services yielding a tremendous finished product that they stand behind unequivocally.
-Ben B."